Prothix is a new biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of protein therapeutics in the field of coagulation and inflammation.

Our vision

Prothix focuses on protein biologics for inflammatory and coagulation disorders.
Product leads, discovered by the company or licensed in from academia, are selected based on medical need, potential markets and customer needs and mee a so-called niche-buster profile, i.e. they will be developed for niche indications to obtain clinical proof of concept, while having blockbuster promise for other indications.

Prothix will add value to these leads by executing preclinical proof of concept and early development studies. Prothix actively seeks cooperation or strategic alliances with academic groups and with companies to profile product candidates in a way that optimizes their commercial value.

Our portfolio

All products developed by Prothix are monoclonal antibody products.

These products can be developed along a similar trajectory, which includes humanization and deimmunazation, generation of manufacturing cell-lines and development of a manufacturing process.



Chief Executive Officer

Rene Verdonk, MD, MSc, MBA

Dr. Verdonk studied medicine at University of Leiden, epidemiology at Free University Amsterdam, strategic marketing at the Academy for Management of University of Groningen and business administration at the Rotterdam School of Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has held key management roles in a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies…

Scientific Officer

Scientific Officer: Prof. Cornelis Erik Hack, MD, PhD

Dr. Hack is an internationally renowned scientist and a seasoned business manager. His main research involves investigating the role of inflammation in human diseased, with particular attention to cytokines, complement, contact and coagulation systems and other mediators implicated in rheumatic and dermatologic diseased. He has  strong trackrecord of conducting biochemical, preclinical…

Recent studies & articles

Argenx announces expansion of pipeline
Argenx announces expansion of its pipeline with addition of complement-targeted ARGX-117 for treatment of severe autoimmune diseases
Collaboration with Argenx announced
Argenx announces collaboration with Broteio Pharma to develop therapeutic antibody for severe autoimmune diseases
Eurostars subsidy awarded

Eurostars grant awarded to international consortium including Abzena company, Antitope, for development of novel treatment for clotting disorders

LSH-TKI grant awarded
Prothix and Bioceros – through their affiliated company Broteio Pharma B.V. – and University Medical Center Utrecht receive a grant to develop anticomplement factor monoclonal antibody.


Prothix BV

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